Create a concrete diamond DIY

After seeing so many of these DIY concrete diamond/geometric forms, I decided that I would show you all how to do it too. Its super easy, just gets a bit messy. I used a template from a merry mishap which you can download here.

You will need:
–  Concrete mix (I got it from bunnings, any hardware store will have it)
–  Clear packing tape
–  Craft Knife
–  Ruler
–  Mug or cup (to hold the diamond mold while its drying)
–  Bowl (to mix the concrete in)
–  Water


1/  Print off the template on either A4 or A3 depending on the size of diamond you want.
2/  Cover the template with clear packing tape trying to keep the tape flat without wrinkles. If it has wrinkles it means the surface of your diamond won’t be flat, it will have these small veiny things through them.
3/  Cut out the template using your craft knife.
4/  Fold twice on all the lines to give them a good crease. This helps the edges of the diamond to be very sharp.
5/  Tape up the mold.
6/  Place the pointed part of the diamond into your cup and leave the top of the mold open.
7/  Follow the instructions on the packet of concrete mix. Its kind of trial and error to get the right amount of concrete mix to water ratio right, so just start with a bit and keep adding more if you need too. Only add small quantities of water at a time, as you don’t need much.
8/  Pour the concrete into the mold, and gently shake the cup to level out the concrete. Use a piece of cardboard or the back of a knife to flatten the top of the diamond.
9/  Leave diamond a few hours to mostly set in the cup. Remove from cup and allow to set over night before cutting off the paper template.
10/  I used sandpaper on some of the edges of the diamond to get a smoother surface, but you can leave them as is if you want.